Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Morning Routine

Maximus has had a pretty normal day today. He likes routine and prefers to start his day as follows:

5.30am (6-6.30 at weekends) gets woken up and let out the garden for a quick widdle - note that one only bothers going out if really bursting and it's not A) windy B) wet and C) <10 degrees celsius. A few stretches and noisy yawns by (child)-gate waiting for it to be opened. Sometimes this takes ages as kettles and coffee makers need filling up. Once finally opened, one has to zoom up the stairs as fast as one possibly can (otherwise something might happen??). Still very tired and barely awake, a little wobbly on the feet and guaranteed to fall over at least once in the process.

Once at the top of the house, a final jump to get into bed, diving straight under the duvet. "Caving it" we call it. Caving it in between dads legs for as long as allowed. (Well, if "they" get up, one stays. If "they" stay, one gets up and proceeds to drag anything one can get hold off, under the bed and begins to destroy. This is the difference between weekdays and weekends!)

On a weekday, like today, then one is guaranteed to get disturbed. Duvet comes off and one gets picked up and carried (!) down the stairs. Most of the time it is not such bad news as Dad works from home meaning snoodles will continue on the sofa for at least another hour.

This is the best start to the day and today was one of those!

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