Monday, 8 February 2010

Nothing's safe!

Ok so most things on the agenda have been postponed. Such as haircut and postoffice. That is OK, however, we've also had to postpone the walks to the park which is not so good. We were really looking forward to some quality time today, meeting lots of other dogs (and nicking their balls!) and have a good run around. But it's raining. And it's cold. And even with a coat on, one refuses to step outside, until the bladder is absolutely bursting......quick widdle in the garden and back inside and onto the sofa, where it's dry and cosy.
Another not so good thing about not going to the park is that one has a lot of energy to get rid of, indoors!
Was sat in the office and through the corner of my eye saw a little dog running past with something rather large and purple in his mouth. Found culprit under the bed with an umbrella. I thought it was safely zipped away in my work rucksack. Clearly not safe. Item added to agenda: Buy new umbrella!

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